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Healthy Hair Tips

Let Your Hair Style Thrive 


So you are looking to regrow your hair, after a shave, damage or whatever, Hibiscus does it and excellently too. The amino acids contained in Hibiscus, aids the production of keratin- a fibrous structural protein that forms the building block of the hair. Keratin also promotes hair volume, holds the hair together and prevents breakage.

All You Need To Know About Hair Porosity

Let's Talk  Hair Growth!


Tips For Hydrating Your Hair

The challenges that people who maintain their natural hair face include dandruff, split ends, dry scalp, weather changes, and choices of hair products. Those with relaxed hair that want to transition into natural hair are also often scared of the “big chop” and may prefer products that will help them transition without losing hair.

It is often confusing and difficult to understand hair porosity. Understanding high porosity means knowing your hair ability to absorb and retain moisture and simple porosity test can help you to understand it better. Hair porosity is of three categories namely: high, Normal and Low Porosity.

You can’t moisturize your hair without water hair needs water. You may use a variety of products and conditioners to moisturize your hair, but a good moisturizer will have water listed as a main ingredient.

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