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Tress Organix Healthy Hair Journey

Every woman knows what it feels like to receive frequent compliments about her hair looking shiny but also healthy. After all, aside the skin, the hair is one of the things noticed about people the most.

Can there be a happier moment with your hair? Well, a little bit of simple maintenance guidance will do. Let's see;

Intensifying Oil Treatment: Any healthy hair is as a result of increased blood flow in the scalp. Few split ends, reduced hair and scalp dryness, reduced frizz etc. are other characteristics of a healthy hair. Guess what... All these benefits stem from a good oil treatment... and, if there is any positive oil to achieve this? It's Jojoba!

Jojoba oil is derived from the Jojoba plant- grown in Mexico and in some parts of California. The oil comes with several benefits (not just for the hair but also for the skin). Taking up the idea of massaging your scalp with warm Jojoba oil as regularly as you can, or better yet overnight (serving as a leave-in treatment), does the trick.

A mix of Jojoba oil with few drops of either coconut; olive or almond oil is an intensifying treatment. It smoothens the hair, gives it that shiny touch and wow! Off goes the burden of split ends and broken hair. (More of Jojoba, please)

Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner: Everyone knows the importance of a leave-in conditioner. They restore strength and moisture to the hair. Yes! The essential hair oils that get lost in the process of shampooing are replaced with a good leave-in conditioner. (Emphasis on good).

No leave-in conditioner does it like the mixture of Absolute Jasmine, keratin protein and organic rose essential oil. These three have all it takes to make the hair healthy and shiny as you've always wanted.

While absolute jasmine helps to treat dandruff and suits every hair type, organic rose essential oil prevents hair loss, adds shine and gives the hair this long-lasting scent (one good enough to ease relaxation).

Keratin protein is not an exception. Naturally occurring proteins in the hair are known as keratin. These proteins have the function of strengthening the hair and giving it its structure. It doesn't stop there. Research has proven that keratin gives the hair a thickening effect.

So, while the hair loses natural keratin due to chemical exposure, aging, over styling etc, it is just good to keep up with a healthy happy hair by hydrating it with a mixture of absolute jasmine, keratin and rose oil. How about easing detangling? This leave-in conditioner is worth trying.

Moisturizing Bliss Deep Conditioner: One pertinent question will be; what differentiates a deep conditioner from a leave-in conditioner. Not so much, because both are highly beneficial.

While leave-in conditioners consist of light ingredients providing protection, it helps detangle adding moisture and shine. Deep conditioners are thicker and stay longer. They contain ingredients which go right into the hair, nourish the cuticles and ensure absorption of moisture providing correction. 

To think that three ingredients helps achieve all these great effects? What a bliss! Extracted from the kernels of the mango fruit, raw mango butter is not just natural, but also rich. With vitamins A, C, D and E, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron, your hair is on the journey to reduced chances of sun and environmental damages.

Silk protein not only replenishes the hair, it helps to protect the hair while still improving elasticity. You know already, the touch of organic coconut- it evenly protects the hair roots and strands and prevents protein loss. Your hair is perfectly healthy with a combination of these three ingredients.

Smoothing silk cream: People often undergo difficulty in selecting hair creams (at least one containing the right ingredients for healthy hair growth and all that it entails). Here's to say, no more worries. Simply do honey, more honey, mixed with hibiscus, coconut oil and bits of pro-vitamin B5. (Giggles)

History holds honey in high esteem. When used on the hair, honey seals in moisture, reduces breakage and aids conditioning. The renowned hibiscus is a great stimulant for hair growth. More amazingly, it prevents graying conditions. Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) is another rich substance which shouldn't be ignored. It prevents moisture loss and nourishes the scalp. What more can a hair cream do? I bet, not as much as the combination of these ingredients.

So, if you've always battled hair loss, hair dandruff and other hair problems, or so badly desire to turn heads with a long, shiny, healthy, natural hair, then, here you go! (It's that simple).

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