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Benefits of Hibiscus for Hair Who would have known that our brightly colored, trumpet-shaped bloom does more than just

beautifying grandma's garden? Yes! From horticulture to skincare and even haircare, our lovely Hibiscus is multifunctional. That last one seems more intriguing, particularly for individuals who have a thing for nicely kept natural hair. Well, hibiscus could be your next gaze as its effects on the hair are beyond amazing. A little research shows that the Hibiscus plant is popularly used to stimulate hair growth, even from the most dormant follicles. Amongst others, some of the benefits of Hibiscus to the hair include: It reduces hair loss Vitamin C deficiency is a prominent factor for hair loss. Hibiscus, with its rich amino acids and Vitamin C content, promotes blood circulation and invariably stimulates the growth of hair. It has also proven effective in cases of treating baldness and it is almost as exact in results when compared to Minoxidil- a drug used in treating baldness. It further helps to thicken the hair and thus reduces hair loss. It treats hair dandruff and itchy scalp Dandruff and itchiness are always, simultaneous! We all agree it is an irritable condition! If only it were easy to treat. Since itchiness is because of excessive oil on the scalp, the first way to combat this condition is therefore to reduce oil secretion by the hair glands. How then? Hibiscus still. The astringent property of the flower is notable for reducing excessive oil secretion and maintaining hair pH balance. It also provides to the scalp, a soothing and cooling effect- in place of itchiness. It prevents hair breakage The hair is prone to lots of damages- chemicals, stress etc. Other than leave it turn brittle and at the end, fall out, you should take a preventive measure. Hibiscus contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which works to take chemicals off the hair as well as rehydrate its fibers. Its amino acids restore hair strength and elasticity thus making the hair less prone to breakage. It stimulates regrowth So you are looking to regrow your hair, after a shave, damage or whatever, Hibiscus does it and excellently too. The amino acids contained in Hibiscus, aids the production of keratin- a fibrous structural protein that forms the building block of the hair. Keratin also promotes hair volume, holds the hair together and prevents breakage. It prevents premature greying Like a natural hair dye? Yeah! With Hibiscus, it's goodbye to all of those grey hair components that come with stress and aging. It does that by improving melanin production thus retaining hair natural color. An added advantage of using hibiscus on the hair is that it retains and/or restores hair luster thus leaving it smooth, moist and shiny. It does not mean you have to start feeding on Hibiscus flowers; you only need its extracts- the oil or other Hibiscus induced products. One of such products is our smoothing silk cream with Hibiscus. It contains extracts from the flower and has excellent results on the hair. Hibiscus is definitely a go for any hair type. It meets hair care needs and supplies adequate nutrients. In addition, there are no side effects. It is natural, remember? Bloom!

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