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Stress and Hair Loss- How to Avoid It

Stress can be very harmful, to the body and also to the hair. It plays a large role in several cases of hair loss in our society today. Sometimes, stress puts the hair follicles in a position that hinders the production of new hair strands- a condition known as Telogen effluvium. Other times, it is the case of trichotillomania- a condition where you involuntarily pull out your hair strands. The good news however, is that hair loss can be prevented. Let’s see how.

How to avoid hair loss Especially if associated with stress, hair loss can be avoided. For starters, stay off stress. Activities like; working for long hours and driving long distances have bad effects on the health and should therefore be reduced. Asides staying off stress, listed below are some of the other ways to avoid hair loss due to stress. Regular exercises: Exercises are very beneficial to the body and mind. They also serve as good remedies to avoid stress and its harmful effects. As much as you can, engage in short walks, jogging, swimming and other regular exercises. It is a good way to avoid hair loss. Healthy diet: Foods rich in protein and vitamins are known to stimulate hair growth. It is therefore essential to incorporate these foods in your diet as it is an effective tip to avoid hair loss. Good hair care routine: If you haven’t been doing so before, you should engage in a good haircare routine. Wash with a good shampoo, condition regularly, and avoid hair processing or the use of chemical treatments. You can use organic products instead. Get enough rest: Rest is one of the remedies for stress and anxiety. Naps and long hours of sleep aid blood circulation in the body and scalp, and consequently, stimulate hair growth. Stay hydrated: This is yet another way to avoid hair loss. As much as it is advised to drink menough water, there is also a need to hydrate your hair. With a light-weight conditioner like Tress Organix Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner , you can easily retain moisture in your hair, all day, every day. The conditioner gives an added advantage of controlling split ends, increased elasticity and ease of styling.

An extra tip Winter is almost here and as you know, with winter comes the problem of hair dehydration, breakage and what have you. If not watched, it could also result in hair loss. You will therefore require a good winter hair therapy to get through the dry air and harsh weather associated with winter. Heard about Tress Organix Moisturizing Bliss Deep Conditioner ?

Maybe not so much as heard but this deep conditioner is one of the hair products that should be included in your winter hair therapy. Infused with Aloe Vera, Organic coconut and Silk protein, our bliss deep conditioner helps to seal moisture in the hair, while still providing treatment for dryness.

For best results of the deep conditioning, apply the deep conditioner in bits from hair roots to ends, and then wear on it, the Tress Organix Moisturizing Cap . The heat from the moisturizing cap allows better penetration of the conditioner. To think that this cap is nice enough to be worn on the go, winter is great already. You should get these products and more, in anticipation for winter. For more information and purchase of our organic hair products, click here . Hair loss from stress shouldn’t be a permanent condition and as such, if there are no improvements, do not hesitate to speak to a medical expert.

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