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How to handle two worst hair nightmares: these simple things that matter.

Let’s face it, a healthy hair that looks good, feels good and stays that way is something

every woman wants. We've gotten tired of bad hair days, breakage and the host of

them. We just want peace of mind and hair that's to die for.

But, there are things standing in our way, and this article is about taking them out. We'll

look at some of the scariest natural hair problems we have to grapple with (some of

them are really the worst!) and how to put them in their place so we can finally have the

hair of our dreams.

1. Itchy scalp

The other day you piteously looked on as a co-worker dug frantic fingers into her hair

trying to find a relief to the itchy menace she was confronted with. But then, you've most

likely fought this one yourself. If your scalp is driving you nuts, you're not alone, and we

have got you covered. Here’s why your scalp sometimes itches and what you can do

about it.

- Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by overproduction of a particular yeast like fungus (to spare you the

scientific lingo). It's mostly caused by dry scalp, irritated, oily skin or not shampooing

your hair enough.

- Stress or anxiety

Stress can be another reason why your hair won't stop itching. So girl, you have got to

take some time out to relax, you deserve it.

- Dry Scalp

One thing your hair needs and will always thank you for is moisture. Hair that isn't

properly hydrated most likely will not shine. And it'll itch the living daylights out of you. If

you want to stop itching, start moisturizing and hydrating your hair properly.

Besides, your hair also needs to soak in moisture and retain it as well. And this brings to

mind the kind of haircare products that you use. If you're battling with an itchy scalp and

haven't found the right moisturizer for you, you could use Tress Organix's Hydrating

Honeydew Shampoo.

2. Hair gets rough easily/ hard to keep hairstyle in place and breaks.

Here is another hair nightmare! A lot of us might appreciate things having wings and

soaring high, but we don't want those things to include our hair strands. I know I don't.

Plus, it's extra hard when you've just styled your hair and it get roughs quickly. What

about your protective styles going haywire or damaging your natural hair instead? I can

imagine how that feels. But this problem like every other challenge in this article has a


What do you have to do?

Know your hair………..

Do you know your hair type? Perhaps, you've just always tried everything on your hair

without bothering with the details. Too much happens in a day to get your knickers in a

knot over not knowing if your hair is a type 1B or 4C (Yes, these are actual hair types!).

Our hair types range from type 1-4. Type 1 is characterized as being straight without

any natural curls, as the toe climbs higher, the curls thin from being wider to being very

tight and fragile. For instance, if you had a type 3A hair, you have curly hair with curls

that aren't so tight but aren't so wide either. Ditch the frequent pony tails as it could

damage your curls.

If you have a type 3C, you most likely don't need to comb it so frequently because your

curls are tighter. If you're looking to arrange and style it, use a leave in conditioner and

air dry (for best results and hair health). A type 4C hair is coily hair with very tight and

fragile curls and requires a lot of moisture.

Not sure which leave in conditioner to use?

Try our Tress Organix Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner with rose oil. If you find that your hair breaks often, it could be due to an improper diet as well. Adjust your diet to make sure you're getting sufficient iron, vitamin E and other nutrients your hair needs. Trying out these tips will surely benefit your hair health, moisture and length retention for a very long time.

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