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Best Recipe for Hair Moisture Retention


Brittle and dry hair are the major causes of hair breakage. Your hair regimen could be perfect, but you can't seem to lock moisture in. Many times, we often blame the harsh weather, although the cold and wind significantly contribute to this during the winter. However, we may overlook some important things that are stripping our hair of its moisture. While your DNA have a role to play in how moisturized your hair is, you may be using the wrong hair products for your hair type. Thankfully, we give a handful of tips to help you keep your hair hydrated all day, all week. Are you struggling to keep the moisture in? Tress Organix has put together the best moisture recipe for you!

Dry Hair: Causes and Effect

Typically, dry hair doesn't foster hair growth. With dry hair, attaining your hair goals may be difficult. When your hair is dry, it loses its sheen and makes it appear dull. While the heat from your flat iron can cause your hair to be brittle, shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate can also be responsible. Hence, it's important to use shampoos and conditioners rich in essential oils like Jojoba oil.

Here are some of the causes of dry hair

● Causes of dry hair

● A hot and dry climate

● Swimming in salty or chlorinated water

● Frequent washing of your hair

● Using chemical hair treatments

● Frequent use of electric curlers, flat irons, and blow dryers

● Using sulfate shampoo and conditioners

Effects of dry hair

● Dandruff

● Itchy scalp

● Hair breakage

● Painful styling

● Micro inflammation

How to Retain Hair Moisture


Adjust your heat settings

Quality flat irons and blow dryers come with a feature that allows you to adjust the heat settings. If your hair is dry, try reducing the heat settings until it's milder on your hair.

Try heatless hair hairstyles or stretching methods

Natural hair and heat don't go together. You can ruin your hair pattern with constant heat or damage your hair strands. An alternative to stretching your hair with flat irons is the African threading method. Also, you can explore other hairstyles that don't require heat like buns and braids. A twist out can help you give your hair a break from thermal tools.

Avoid under conditioning and over-washing your hair

Don't be too in a hurry and skip conditioning your hair. Conditioners help your hair to stay moisturized while too much shampooing can cause dry hair. Also, it important that you use a shampoo and conditioner that penetrates your hair strands keeping them hydrated and moisturized.

How Jojoba and Baobab oils Help Hair Moisture Retention

Baobab oil is ideal for dry hair because it moisturizes your hair while reducing flakes. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which makes it good for your hair and skin. Here are some benefits of Baobab oil,

● Reduces hair flaking

● Strengthens brittle and weak hair

● Increases hair sheen

In the same vein, Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin C, B, and E which helps to strengthen weak hair. Below are things Jojoba oil does for your hair,

● Promotes fuller and thicker hair

● Promotes hair growth

● Prevents dryness

● Reduces dandruff


There is no doubt that the combination of Jojoba and Baobab oils is a recipe for hair moisture retention. Using hair products that hydrate your hair can help you beat hair dryness. Remember that we need water to survive, your hair also needs moisture. Give your hair the care and moisture it needs. Tress Organix Honey Dew shampoo and conditioner and Honey Dew Shampoo and conditioner with Kurly Koily Kustard are infused with Jojoba and Baobab oil to keep your hair healthy and moisturized all day.

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