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The challenges that people who maintain their natural hair face include dandruff, split ends, dry scalp, weather changes, and choices of hair products. Those with relaxed hair that want to transition into natural hair are also often scared of the “big chop” and may prefer products that will help them transition without losing hair.

Seasons and Hair Health

The four seasons – autumn, winter, summer, and spring – all have effects on natural hair. Although these seasons affect different people variably, the levels of moisture they have significantly affects hair growth. Summer, which is famous for its hot air, decreases the moisture level of the hair and can be extremely harmful to the natural hair.

THERAPY: Using Tress Hydration Shampoo and hydrating leave-in conditioner with rose oil will go a long way in rejuvenating your hair and keeping it shiny and beautiful through the summer periods. An excellent hair moisturizer is one whose ingredients include water and tress moisturizing bliss deep conditioner is the right choice if you want to maintain your hair during harsh weather conditions.

● Dry Scalp

Dry hair and scalp are very uncomfortable and can lead to dandruff. The scabs are annoying to deal with and decrease the shine of your natural hair. Reduced moisture in the scalp causes dry hair. This, in turn, decreases the hair strength and causes it to break easily. The dryness also leads to the characteristic scabbing that you commonly see in dandruff and itchy sensations.

THERAPY: Tress Intensifying Oil Treatment With Jojoba is an excellent therapy that helps to restore the moisture and gives your hair a unique glow in the summer sun. It also prevents scabbing and is very good for all textures of natural hair.

● Split Ends

This happens when a strand of hair splits in two at the end. A wide range of factors that include exposure to the sun, poor diet, wrapping your hair in towels, heat styling, and many others cause split ends. Split ends make your hair brittle and break easily, especially at the tips. They also cause hair loss and damage.

THERAPY: The best treatment for split ends is moisturizing, and the product you should go for is the

Tress Moisturizing Bliss Deep Conditioner. It contains all the ingredients your hair requires to glow and grow without split ends.

● Transitioning Successfully to Natural Hair

Most people with hair that want to transition to natural hair are scared of the big chop. The relaxed ends usually fall off to allow the natural hair to grow. This transition requires a lot of patience and treatment, which is a cumbersome process.

THERAPY: Tress Smoothening Cream With Hibiscus And Honey is a blend of amino acids and other nutrients that help the hair grow by producing keratin – the fiber found in the hair. Keratin helps to make the hair fuller and keeps it glowing and beautiful. So you can transition in style and elegance without stressing over the big chop.

Healthy hair is obvious from a distance, and having the best products helps you to rock your natural hair gracefully and without stress. Tress Organix is right here to provide the best products that make you outstanding in style and elegance and keep you fresh and young. Leave your comments below and be sure to order for products and professional hair advice.

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