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In the course of this summer season, taking time out to care for your hair is very important. Summer hair care regimen and skin care routine!

The warm summer requires protective hairstyles and adequate moisturizers for your hair. Tress Moisturizing Bliss Deep Conditioner and Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner happen to be the best treatment you can give to your hair this season. They not only strengthen, but create a frizz-free and tangle-free hair, providing a shiny look all season. 

No one is left out of the hair goodness this season. Protective hairstyles basically refer to styles that do not pull the hairline or create any form of strain on the edges. It leaves room for minimal or no hair loss. It could include extensions and wigs; but the concept is ensuring length, enhancing volume and creating fashion. Some protective styles include box braids, faux locks, Bantu knots, twists, Afro buns, and the contemporary ‘packing gel’ style. 

For ladies, the summer starter pack should be perfectly made braids, why? You asked. Braids create a summer vibe, and also are perfect for styling. There are limitless styles for braids, ranging from updos, to buns to even goddess braids. Braids could be made into any length, there are a thousand and one colors to give you your funky look. Beyond every doubt, summers are the perfect period for braids especially because it enhances a warmer weather, and has a longer retention. 

Moving forward, moisturizers and conditioners are good for protective styling, and this can be based on the following benefits derived from them; 

Tress Smoothing Silk Cream Moisturizer helps coarse, dry and thick hair to not only become softer, but provide a lasting shine.

 Tress Moisturizing Bliss Deep Conditioner, which (rinse-out) reduces and prevents hair breakage for all types of hair. Conditioning your hair at least one week before wearing a protective hairstyle keeps your hair from breaking and gives it a lasting look. Moisturizers serve as a sealant for essential oils which are needed for hair growth. Conditioners that are leave-in contain mild ingredients. Deep conditioners should be rinsed out because the of permanent infused ingredients. If not rinsed out properly this may cause ‘build-up’, undergrowth and dandruff. 

However, irrespective of protective styles worn throughout the summer, maintenance of the hair care regimen is very essential!    

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